Helpful website where you can draw the symbol that you want and it will tell you its unicode equivalent:

  • To begin typing a unicode combination on Mac use: ctrl+cmd+space
  • To begin typing a unicode combination on Chromebook or ChromeOS use: ctrl + shift + u
  • To begin typing in subscript use: ctrl + shift + u and then 208x
  • To begin typing in superscript use: ctrl + shift + u and then 207x
description example Chrome Mac
degree symbol ° ctrl+shift+u then 00b0  
alpha α ctrl+shift+u then 03b1  
beta β ctrl+shift+u then 03b2 ctrl+cmd+space then u+03b2
delta Δ ctrl+shift+u then 394 ctrl+cmd+space then u+394
Subscript 2 X₂ ctrl+shift+u then 2082 ctrl+cmd+space then u+2082
Superscript 1 ctrl+shift+u then 00b9 ctrl+cmd+space then u+00b9
Superscript 2 ctrl+shift+u then 00b2 ctrl+cmd+space then u+00b2
Superscript 3 ctrl+shift+u then 00b3 ctrl+cmd+space then u+00b3
Superscript 7 X⁷ ctrl+shift+u then 2077 ctrl+cmd+space then u+2077
Micro sign µ ctrl+shift+u then 00b5 ctrl+cmd+space then u+00b5
Wedge ctrl+shift+u then 1433 ctrl+cmd+space then u+1433
Superscript minus ion⁻ ctrl+shift+u then 207b ctrl+cmd+space then u+207b
  |`ctrl+shift+u` then ctrl+cmd+space then u+  

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