• Filtered Decks:
    • To capture all the cards that were due within last n days while excluding any cards with the chem112 tag. Also excludes things that have been flagged red/1 or orange/1 as I personally use them to indicate cards that seem completely wrong or need improvements.
      # Due Today for review
      is:due prop:due=0 is:review -flag:1 -flag:2
      # Due within last 3 days
      is:due prop:ivl<=3 -"tag:chem112" -flag:1 -flag:2
      # Due within last 5 days
      is:due prop:ivl<=5 -"tag:chem112" -flag:1 -flag:2
    • Intervals to help setup 3 different decks or filtered decks to study for upcoming tests and only graduating into anki’s hands once personal interests have been met.
      # Deck for graduating cards on a Daily basis
      1m 10m 2h 10h 1d max:3d
      # Deck for graduating cards on a Weekly basis
      10m 1d 3d max:7d
      # Deck for graduating cards on a Bi-weekly basis
      10m 3d 5d 7d max:14d

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